I am a mother of 4, Registered Nurse and Midwife. 
I have over 15 years combined clinical experience and have spent the last 8 years facilitating women and their partners as they go on to have the most incredibly empowering and rewarding birth experiences! 


A system that all too often implies the woman is broken... and in need of fixing or forcing.
A system that facilitates disempowerment and birth trauma. 
Most of which is otherwise avoidable. 
Your best and most rewarding birth experience is not going to happen by accident.
Which is why I have dedicated my knowledge, experience and expertise to making a 
change for the better!

Many couples feel overwhelmed by fear of the unknown, the 'what-ifs' and the possibility of 
birth "not going to plan"… spiralling into unnecessary intervention that 
leads to birth trauma.

Like all achievements in life our success comes from accessing appropriate education, our mindset, preparation and a solid support system.

If you would like to fill the gaps so that you can replace fear with excited anticipation and the ability to confidently navigate YOUR journey, on YOUR TERMS from pregnancy all the way through to parenthood, 
then check out the workshop we have created JUST FOR YOU...
In our workshop!
  • Why Mindset Matters in Childbearing: is a 6 Module online workshop that aims to equip you and your partner with what is needed in order to find your voice, stop giving your power away and truly own the story that is your pregnancy, labour and birth.  ($795 Value)                                                                        
  • ​BONUS #1: EBook 'Happy Wife, Happy Life... The Bullsh#t Intimacy Killer.' inc pdf copy & audio file. The eBook is a clever and insightful look at how partners can best support both themselves (1st), and their partner; and truly embrace pregnancy, labour and birth as as much their experience to be enjoyed and embraced, as it is hers.  ($90 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Why Mindset Matters in Parenting: Module 7 in the 'Why Mindset Matters' Series is aimed at assisting both you, and your partner to transition confidently from pregnancy through to parenthood. It is designed to help you face the inevitable challenges of early parenthood as you attempt to find your feet in your newfound role.  ($395 Value)
  • BONUS #3: 3mth FREE Subscription to WLBB closed FB community & support group. The group was designed with you in mind and to provide 7day/wk support, empowerment, guidance and access to reputable resources. The aim is to provide a sense of community and the much needed access to support at a time most feel vulnerable and isolated... to provide the sense of 'village' it takes to raise a child that is often lacking in our modern day society.  ($120 Value)

Total Value: $1400
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I was determined to have a better birth for my second...

After the birth of my first baby I was determined to have a different experience. I was made to feel birth was this horrible event that we were all to endure, which is exactly how my first birth went. When I discovered I was pregnant again I thought "Well I'm not going to go through that again!". I knew it could be different but just didn't know how. Then we discovered White Lotus Birth and Beyond, a platform that would provide profound education and support to mentally prepare me for birth.

White Lotus Birth and Beyond is not just for those who wish to have a drug free birth in a bath. If you are planning a cesarean, epidural or every drug under the sun... You can and will benefit from the knowledge, support and empowerment White Lotus Birth and Beyond will provide you and your partner.  

The birth of my second child is and will always be the most empowering experience of my life. We now knew birth was something to embrace and experience rather than fear... which is exactly what we did. 

Caris & Tom, QLD

Welcoming our firstborn...

As new parents every part of our pregnancy and birth experience was a journey into the unexpected. Until we decided to connect with White Lotus Birth and Beyond. 

I felt so empowered from pregnancy right through to the fourth trimester with the knowledge learnt. The birth of our son was the most incredible experience of my life. 

Connecting with White Lotus Birth and Beyond was the best decision we ever made. I am forever thankful for the guidance and support we received.

Nicola and Andrew, QLD

Baby no.4... and a VBAC!

Whether its' your first or your 4th baby, having a child can be a scary experience... making you feel anxious as time nears closer. Maybe even causing you to second guess how you're going to parent this little angel, that's about to change everything for yourself or your partner. I felt ALL of these emotions having my 4th child. Add to this we were hoping for a VBAC after the premature arrival of our 3rd via cesarean.

We were incredibly luckily to have found White Lotus Birth and Beyond who worked along side my partner and I, empowering us to truly own our experience by educating and supporting us through the entire journey that was pregnancy through to postpartum... putting our minds at ease with the knowing that we were the perfect team to birth our baby.

The support and education we received enabled us to understand the true value of my partner feeling a part for my child’s birth (not just pushed to the side).   

White Lotus deliver experienced and knowledgeable care in a passionate and empathetic manner that I have found to be otherwise unmatched in the healthcare system. 

Shen & Nathan, NSW

A calm & empowered journey in spite of obstacles.

The support received from White Lotus Birth and Beyond was so beneficial in providing us with a calm and empowered pregnancy and birth. I had many obstacles, fears and had lost touch with my intuition during pregnancy and White Lotus was a constant pillar of support, encouragement and guidance. I am so grateful we were not alone on our journey. We were listened to and cared for every step of the way. I would highly recommend White Lotus to any parents to be. The service is incredible and still to this day we are kept in touch with to make sure our little family is thriving. Thank you so much for this amazing experience in guiding us through our pregnancy and giving us strength, knowledge and support as we transition into parenthood.    

Nikki & Josh, QLD

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